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Home Finding

Too many options, too little time — fret not! We will find the right home for you

Rental Search

Based on what you need (and want) we will scour the city for the best options

Settling-in Assistance

We will go above and beyond just housing to ensure you and your family are settled nicely

Lifestyle Consulting

It’s not just the home you’re looking for, but rather, the environment you really want to surround yourself in that we will factor in  

Neighbourhood Reports

 These reports will paint a better picture of what’s around your home and community

Weekly Follow ups

After settling in, we will proactively reach out and see how you are adjusting and we’ll do everything to get you settled!

Answers to Your Questions

What is the value proposition here?

Relocating to  a new city is stressful when you are adjusting to a new work environment and on top of it all, you spend your weekends and evenings nitpicking on places to live. 

That’s why having a beautiful place to stay within a great neighbourhood the moment you arrive in Toronto and finding the right social, professional communities to connect you with seamlessly — is important for you and your team’s whole onboarding process.

What can I expect?

We will find the perfect accommodations — be it temporary, short or long-term housing options  — and we will do all the heavy lifting (credit checks, rental applications, dealing with landlords and those kinds of things that take time away from you settling into a new environment)


What else do you have to offer besides housing?

We know how challenging it is to find a place in Toronto and also to immerse into a new environment — AND still show up to work and perform at your best! And that is exactly why we have partnered up with social and professional platforms in our Tech network to introduce you to! Having a place to call home is just the beginning ♥

Why is finding housing difficult in Toronto?

As with other big cities— housing scams, rejected rental applications, back and forth negotiations, filtering out expired listings, scheduling showings with property managers and landlords can make settling into Toronto challenging and that’s why we are here to make it easy for you.

How do we know if this works?

We have successfully relocated software engineers, product managers, designers and more into this wonderful city — with ease! Our team understands the different neighbourhoods of this city and its unique charms — so leave it to us to provide you with the personalized solution you need to ensure a smooth and effective relocation and finding the right place to call home!

What if my team members are not available to see places in person?

We make it easy! Video tours are one among the many tools we use to communicate openly with you and your team members to help free up your time so you can fully focus on getting up to speed at work  — especially important if they are not around to view these places in person!

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